Mistakes To Avoid In A Resume/Cv

Your CV/Resume represents you. It speaks on your behalf to the recruiter without your presence. When there are silly mistakes on your CV, it tarnishes your professional image to a great extent! You may be an excellent fit for the position but due to few silly mistakes or your CV, the recruiter may end up not shortlisting your CV which deprives you of the opportunity for a face-to-face interview.

Top 12 Mistakes On A Resume

Some mistakes you should never make while writing your CV are given below.

  • Avoid grammatical errors – When you make simple grammatical mistakes on your CV, it reflects poorly on your language skills. Communication is one of the most important requisites for any job. Be it grammatical or verbal, grammatical errors are a big NO! Use a word document in order to check for grammatical errors. It is a simple and most effective way to avoid this error.
  • Spell check – Spelling errors are equally bad. Using wrong spellings for words like “their” in place of “there” or using “Your” in place of “you’re” creates a bad impression. A simple spell check on MS Word will help you solve this.
  • Using Jargons or abbreviations – When you use abbreviations make sure you write the meaning or full form of it in brackets right next to the word. If the recruiter is unfamiliar with the abbreviation it may lead to ambiguity.
  • Writing CV or Resume on the top – The recruiter knows it is your CV; you may look silly pointing out the obvious. Instead use your name, this way the recruiter will remember your name and not a silly heading.
  • False information – Never give false information on you CV. If the organization finds out the truth you may end up with legal complications which will spoil your career.

Mistakes To Avoid In A Resume/Cv

  • Avoid mentioning your religious beliefs – There is no need for you to mention your religion, faith caste or anything of the like in your CV. This may lead to turning down your CV as employers in US are legally bound to provide employment in an unbiased manner. Recruiters may turn it down as they may not want to be legally sued by applicants on the same ground.
  • Age, gender, ethnicity, race – Do not mention your age, gender, race or ethnicity in your CV unless specifically asked for. This is for the same reason as above.
  • Do not copy paste – Do not copy paste objectives from the internet. Recruiters read at least 50 CVs in a day on an average. If you copy paste from the internet, they are bound to recognize it.
  • Avoid repetition – Avoid repeating your achievements or areas of expertise. This may bore the recruiter or he/she may end up thinking that you have nothing else to talk about yourself.
  • Font size and layout – Too small or big font size and uneven layout shows that you did not take enough care to build your CV. This shows callousness and unprofessional. Use Arial or Times New Roman to build your CV.
  • Long descriptions – Be brief, concise and to the point. A recruiter spends less than a minute in shortlisting your CV. If there are long stories written, he/she may become disinterested. Remember there are a lot of people applying for the same job.
  • Target the job you are applying for – You may be applying for a Marketing field executive position but your CV may be inconsistent to it. Customize your CV to each job you apply

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