The Top Factors to consider when choosing a future career


Job hunting is not the easiest thing in life, especially when you are still unsure of what you would like to do as a professional. Before you actually begin your Job Search make sure you make a list of some things that matter as much as your aptitude for a certain profession. Sometimes we tend to put our aptitudes as the first requisite, however there is so much more than that to consider before considering a career.

We humans tend to fantasize about certain things in life, and career is one of them. There are some professionals that seem to be pleasant but in reality they are not. One example is being a translator for example. Some people believe translators will stay indoors the whole day writing about things that they love when reality is far from that. The same can be said about doctors, who often suffer a lot when treating people. Every profession has its good sides and bad sides, it is up to you to choose what best fits your reality.

1. Before you decide to start investing a career talk to a professional of the field to know more about their day to day reality.

There is no one else better to tell you how a profession works than someone of the field. Make sure you talk to someone who works in what you would like to work to. You can easily find these people by talking to friends or even while doing Search a job . In some cases you will also be able to be part of the professional’s day. There are some companies that will accept you for a day that way you can see how the profession goes. This is definitely a good way to know if what you aim is truly what you seek.

2. Have a goal set in mind, that way you will know if the profession you have in mind is what you truly need.

One simple example: You have two goals in life, one being able to travel around the world and two being able to live comfortably. Now let’s say you would like to spend your life working in poor countries helping people as a profession. Well, you see how your goals in life and your profession do not match. Not that you can not go all over the world to help people, but you will not be able to do it as a living, because otherwise you will not be able to accomplish your goals.

You need to have both goals and salary for example aligned. If someone tells you that salary is less important than pleasure, they are wrong. Try living without enough…it will not be easy and will turn your life into a living hell.

3. Keep in mind that the world is in constant change: what you love today you might hate in the future and vice versa.

When you are about to chose career make sure you think about something that you will probably like today and also in the future. Of course the world changes and what you believe also does, however always think of something that will be pleasant as time goes by, that way you will never see yourself lost in your career.

About the Author: Thames Valley