5 Social Media Job Search Mistakes To Avoid In 2014

When considering a career change, have you ever thought about searching on your Social Media Sites?  Almost everyone now a day has a social media site of one kind or another.  These sites are packed with friends and family members that you want to stay in touch with.  It is a great place to share pictures, videos, comments and you can also chat or private message each other.  For many of us, we use our social media site to send a message instead of picking up the phone and placing a call.  This gives the other person a chance to answer at their own free will.


Social Media Has Many Uses

Not only are people using these sites to do their job search, but many are using them to do shopping and find businesses in their area that offer various services that they may need.  The Social Media sites are changing rapidly.  Many businesses now are using them on which to advertise and get new customers or sell their products.  Part of this is because of the popularity of these sites and the ease of searching on the internet even for your next job.

Mistakes That Are Made When Looking For A Job

•  Do not use too much personal information on your sites.  This could help or hurt you

when job searching.  Many Businesses use personal criteria to select their employees

•  Choose your online posts and chats with tactfulness.  When a business is considering

your for employment, they may look at your page for your opinions and attitudes

•  Some of these sites offer groups and forums that are related to your field of

employment interest.  This can be beneficial to many employers when searching for the

employee they are looking for.  Again be tactful when giving your opinion or input

•  When networking, use professional pictures.  Do not put unprofessional pictures for

your prospective employers to look at.  A picture in your bikini on the beach would not

be a good picture to use to be considered for a job

•  When you ask someone to give you a reference, make sure that it is someone that you

actually have worked with or for.  As with any information when searching, do not lie, it

could keep you from getting the job you really wanted

Does It Work?

Many people have found careers through networking and through their social media sites.  There are a lot of good contacts within these networks.  There is a word of caution, because whatever you post when using this method can help or be used against you depending upon how the prospective employers view things.

Many people still find the traditional way of looking for a job to be the best source.  A combination of both traditional and social media networking have worked well for others.  No matter which way that you choose, you must always sell yourself first and show your new prospective employer what you can do for them and their business, as you are doing your new job search.

About the Author: Thames Valley